About Us

Do you love sports and always want to update information about sports from every country? You are always interested in sports, so there is always a need to learn and learn a new fitness discipline. 

Whatever your needs, you can find them on our website. This site can provide all the information you need to know about sports. The website’s sports-related updates, guides, and tips will not disappoint you. 

Our mission

My team strives to bring the most up-to-date, accurate information on the national and international sports situation. Our reporters will undoubtedly be the first to announce the starting lineup of a favorite team or basketball game to you. 

Yet, sporttasty.com is more than just a regular sports information site. On the website, you can also find valuable tips and shares to start getting acquainted and pursue a sport for a long time. Most of the site’s experts are professional athletes. Therefore, we can confidently provide the most useful, valuable advice. 

In addition to updating sports information worldwide and offering tips and advice, this website also has a section dedicated to sports product reviews. 

We spent much time learning and testing balls, shoes, rackets, nets, and other sports equipment. 

The purpose of these thousands of hours of research is to choose the most reliable product that will help your training and sports competition. 

Our reviews are completely unbiased. Therefore, you can have absolute confidence in the results of every test. All you need to do is carefully consider our recommendations and choose the most helpful product for you. 

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The world of sports with diverse subjects is constantly changing. Therefore, despite our best efforts, it is difficult for us to avoid shortcomings. 

We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback to improve the quality of the website. 

For all comments or sharing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our team

We comprise a team of professional athletes in many different sports. In addition to the shared love for sports, our team is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with you and all people with similar interests. 

  • Oil Harris, founder

He used to be a professional swimmer. In addition to swimming, he is also interested in many other fitness sports such as running and badminton. 

After retiring, he founded this website. On the website, Oil Harris provides exciting information related to sports. In particular, he is always interested in sharing tips so you can improve your swimming skills.

  • James Brown, editor

James Brown has many years of work as a sports reporter. 

James has worked with many professional athletes in various sports and is inspired by them. His love for sports is as passionate as any professional athlete.

His main task is editing articles and sharing sports-related stories. And you will certainly want to listen to this talented reporter recount his memories with famous athletes.